Air transportation is an effective and fast transportation method that allows cargo to be transported from one point to another using air vehicles. This type of transportation is especially preferred to meet the need for fast delivery over long distances and to transport urgent and valuable cargoes. Air transportation plays an important role in today's world, where global trade is gaining momentum.

An important aspect of air transportation is international freight transportation, which is an indispensable part of international trade. Turkey, in particular, carries out a large part of its foreign trade volume by air. Air cargo transportation enables trade to be carried out more efficiently and effectively by accelerating international logistics networks.

This transportation model comes to the fore as an important element that supports businesses to succeed in the global Sunday with a fast, reliable and effective logistics solution. As Lex Logistics, we provide effective logistics solutions to our customers while at the same time serving as a strategic partner that provides a global competitive advantage.

Speed and EfficiencyWe manage logistics processes quickly and efficiently.
Customized SolutionsWe offer customized solutions tailored to customer needs.
Reliable DeliveryWe ensure timely and reliable delivery of cargo.
Support and CommunicationWe provide fast and solution-oriented support with 24/7 customer support.
Our Services in Air Transportation

As Lex Logistics, we play a leading role in the airline transportation sector and offer comprehensive transportation solutions to our customers.

Wide Agency Network and Global Solutions

  • Different transportation options around the world.
  • A wide network of agencies offering direct, transshipment and cross-transport services.

High Standards of Service Quality

  • Membership in internationally recognized logistics organizations.
  • High standards of service with HTFN, WCA and NAP memberships.

Affordable Price Options and Competitive Solutions

  • A competitive advantage to enterprises by offering affordable prices to customers.
  • Transportation options around the world for import and export.

Technological Innovation

  • Intelligent transportation solutions by investing in technological innovations.
  • More control with real-time monitoring and management systems.

Environmentally Friendly Transportation

  • Environmentally friendly transportation solutions that adhere to the principles of sustainability.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact through efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

Special Project Management

  • Special solutions for large-scale projects with expert project management.
  • To complete projects successfully by facilitating logistics processes.

Fast Customs Clearance

  • Fast and hassle-free customs operations with strong customs operations.
  • Reduction of bureaucratic obstacles in import and export processes.

24/7 Customer Support

  • 24/7 customer support by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Managing transportation processes with fast and effective solutions.

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Types of Cargo in Air Transportation

Air transportation stands out as a fast and efficient cargo transportation method. This mode of transportation offers special services for transporting various types of cargo. Types of cargo commonly used in airline cargo transportation:

Cargo Type Specifications
Perishable Cargo It contains perishable products such as fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers. It is packed in a special way and transported quickly.
Live Animal Transportation Animals are transported comfortably and safely with special containers and appropriate temperature conditions.
Special Transportation by Transfer It requires special equipment and safety measures for large and heavy loads. It is transported by special flights and transport plans.
The Advantage of Fast Transportation It is carried in the cabin of a passenger plane for valuable or urgent cargo. It provides faster delivery.
Different Service Options Fast service is offered for urgent shipments, standard service for general cargo, economical service for more cost-effective options.
Experienced Operation Team Manages complex cargo transportation processes. Security, timing and effective planning are essential.
Load Tracking and Management It offers customers the opportunity to instantly track the location and status of their shipments.
Worldwide Agency Network It provides a strong support in international cargo transpotation. It makes it possible for cargo to be transported smoothly around the world.