Sea transportation is a strategic transportation method that allows cargo to be transported from one point to another using sea vehicles. This transport model, which finds a wide range of uses, stands out as the backbone of global trade.

Sea transportation allows the safe and efficient transportation of large-scale cargoes. Various sea vehicles such as container ships, tankers and general cargo ships offer transportation options suitable for different needs. This method of transportation is an ideal solution for long-distance shipments, global trade and logistics chains.

The advantages of sea transportation include low transportation costs, high carrying capacities, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly operations Dec. In addition, this mode of transport is an important tool for strengthening global supply chains and optimizing logistics processes.

Speed and EfficiencyWe manage logistics processes quickly and efficiently.
Customized SolutionsWe offer customized solutions according to customer needs.
Reliable DeliveryWe ensure the timely and reliable delivery of cargoes.
Support and CommunicationWe provide fast and solution-oriented support with 24/7 customer support.
Our Services in Sea Transportation

We facilitate your business processes with the innovative and reliable services we offer in maritime transportation, which keeps the pulse of global trade. With our expertise in sea transportation and our solution-oriented approach, we transport your cargo safely, on time and in the most efficient way.

FCL (Full Container Load)

  • Faster Transportation: FCL allows faster loading and unloading operations by ensuring that your cargo is located in a special container.
  • Safer and Less Risky: Your cargo will not mix with other cargo and will be transported more safely inside the container. By reducing the risk of damage, it ensures that your cargo reaches its destination more safely.
  • Less Middlemen: FCL requires fewer middlemen and handling operations during the transportation process, due to the fact that your cargo is only in one container. In this way, it provides a faster and cost-effective logistics solution.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Customers have more flexibility and customization opportunities to place their cargo in their own containers and determine their transportation plans according to them.
  • Cost Efficiency: Using the full capacity of the container is an element that reduces the cost of transportation per unit.

LCL (Less Container Load)

  • Low Costs: : LCL transportation offers low shipping costs to businesses, as there is no need to send enough goods to fill the entire container.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility to ship goods in small quantities allows enterprises to optimize inventory management..
  • Consolidation Possibility: Combining small cargoes from different shippers and transporting them in the same container reduces transportation costs.
  • Smaller Inventory Points: It makes inventory management more effective because it allows shipping goods in smaller quantities.
  • Sunday Sunday Access: Low costs allow small businesses to access international markets more easily.
  • Fast Shipping Possibility: Since there is no need to wait to fill the entire container, LCL transportation allows the goods to arrive faster.

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Container Options

Containers used in sea transportation are designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of cargo. Containers are divided into various categories according to size, structure and feature.

Standard Container

It is the most widely used container type in sea transportation. It is used for dry load, liquid load and chilled load..

Convertible Container

They are containers with hinged or sliding doors on top. Convertible containers are ideal for large or heavy loads.


They are containers without top, side walls and doors. It is used for loads such as machinery, furniture and sensitive equipment.

Refrigerated Container

They are containers whose temperature can be controlled. Such containers are usually used for cargo such as food, medicine and electronic products.


They are containers designed for transporting liquids. It is ideal for liquids such as petroleum, chemicals and food products.

Bulk Cargo Container

They are containers designed for bulk cargoes. It is ideal for bulk loads such as grain, coal and cement.