In the logistics industry, warehousing services refers to a comprehensive category of services that ensure the safe, orderly and organized storage of materials, products or equipment for a certain period of time. This service stands out as an important element of supply chain management and is offered to companies operating in various industries, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Warehousing services represent a critical stage of supply chain processes involving the storage, tracking and rapid delivery of materials when necessary. This service helps customers to manage their business more effectively and competitively by providing expertise in materials and inventory management.

Speed and EfficiencyWe manage logistics processes quickly and efficiently.
Customized SolutionsWe offer customized solutions tailored to customer needs.
Reliable DeliveryWe ensure timely and reliable delivery of cargo.
Support and CommunicationWe provide fast and solution-oriented support with 24/7 customer support.
Storage Processes

It is a comprehensive logistics management process that ensures the orderly and safe storage of materials. Storage processes must be constantly improved to improve efficiency and safety. Automation and technological innovations help to manage these processes more effectively.

Entrance Control

  • The type and condition of the materials are checked, unique identifiers are assigned.

Arrangement of Storage Areas

  • The areas where the materials will be stored are determined, arranged and designed according to the needs.

Warehouse Processing and Marking

  • Incoming materials are processed and labeled in the warehouse and prepared for the storage process.

Security and Monitoring

  • Warehouse areas are protected with advanced security systems, material movements are monitored.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory levels are managed using automated inventory monitoring systems.

Collection and Preparation

  • The materials are collected on request, prepared and, if necessary, packaged.

Output Control

  • Verification and quality control of the prepared products are carried out.

Distribution and Transportation

  • The materials are delivered to customers or end users by the specified shipping methods.

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Warehouse (Bonded - Duty-Free)

A warehouse is a place where import and export operations are carried out, cargo is stored until customs clearance is completed, storage and handling activities are carried out. Goods to be imported or exported may be stored temporarily in warehouses without paying customs duties and other obligations.

There are two main types of Warehouses: Bonded Warehouse and Duty-Free Warehouse.

Bonded Warehouse

  • It is a storage area used for import and export operations.
  • Materials of this type of warehouse can be stored in a way that is exempt from customs duties.
  • Materials can be kept in storage for a certain period of time before customs duties are paid.

Duty-Free Warehouse

  • It is an area where materials that are not exempt from customs duties are stored.
  • The materials stored in such warehouses are released after the customs procedures are completed.
  • It is usually used in domestic trade and covers only materials within the country.

Both types of warehouses allow trade and logistics to be carried out more efficiently and flexibly. The bonded warehouse plays an important role, especially in international trade, because it helps to carry out import and export transactions easily. Duty-free warehouse provides advantages in stock management and logistics processes in domestic trade.