Road transport is an important transportation method that allows cargo to be transported from one point to another using land vehicles. This type of transportation has a wide range of uses and is often preferred by the business world and the logistics sector due to the widespread and accessible land routes.

International road freight transportation stands out as the most preferred mode of transportation in Turkey. The vast majority of freight transportation in Turkey is carried out by road at a rate of 90%.

High flexibility, fast delivery possibilities and various transport capacities are among the important features Decoupling road transport from other modes of transport. This mode of transportation has become more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly by combining with technological developments today.

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Documents Required for Road Transport

Road transport is one of the most common methods of transporting goods and passengers from place to place. In this type of transportation, there are some documents that are necessary for the transportation of cargo. These documents help to ensure that the transportation takes place safely and smoothly.

  • CMR Document: KThis document, issued in accordance with the International Agreement on Road Transport (CMR), is an official document indicating the contract of carriage and the status of the cargo. The CMR document is legally binding for both the sender and the carrier.
  • Tir Carnet: It is a document used for transportation Decoupled between the member states of the European Union. The Tir Carnet helps to facilitate the customs clearance of the vehicle and cargo.
  • Commercial Invoice: It is a document containing the type, quantity, price of the goods and the information of the sender and the buyer. A commercial invoice is used to document the financial transactions of both the sender and the recipient.
  • Check List: It is a document showing the amount and type of cargo transported. The check list is used by both the sender and the recipient to check the status of the cargo.
  • Certificate of Origin: It is a document indicating in which country a good is produced. Certificate of origin is used in customs procedures.
  • A.TR Circulation Document: It is a document used in trade Decoupled between the European Union and Turkey. A.TR The Circulation Certificate ensures that the goods are exempt from customs duties.

In addition to these documents, other documents may be required in some cases. For example, special documents may be required for products transported in private sectors, such as food and medicine.

It is important that the documents used in road transport are complete and accurate in order for the transportation to take place smoothly. Therefore, care should be taken about the preparation and arrangement of documents.

Partial Transportation

Road partial transportation is a transportation method in which the entire load capacity of a vehicle does not belong to a single customer, loads belonging to different customers are combined and transported. This allows using the carrying capacity more effectively and reducing costs.

Sample Applications:
  • Combining and transporting small loads from different customers with the same vehicle.
  • Transportation of cargoes by collecting them in distribution centers with a vehicle.
  • Providing solutions specific to customer needs through load consolidation services.

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Minivan Transportation

Minivan express transportation is a logistics solution used to transport small volumes of cargo quickly and efficiently. Minivans, which are usually preferred for urban and short-distance transportation, provide economical and fast delivery of low-capacity shipments.

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Ro-Ro Transportation

Ro-Ro transportation is an abbreviation of the words "roll-on/roll-off" and is a method of sea transportation in which land vehicles (cars, trucks) can be loaded and unloaded directly to ships. This method provides efficient transportation of large volume and heavy loads by sea, speeding up logistics processes.

Ro-Ro transportation is divided into three basic categories as self-propelled, towable and static.

  • Examples of self-propelled Ro-Ro transport are cars, buses, trucks, excavators and tractors.
  • Towable Ro-Ro transport includes towing vehicles such as truck trailers, mobile concrete batching plants and boats.
  • The static Ro-Ro transport category includes loads that are usually in a fixed position, such as construction equipment, boats, containers and generators.