It is an area that covers transportation, storage, distribution and customs clearance activities in the process from production to consumption of industrial products. These products can generally be divided into various categories, such as machinery, equipment, chemicals, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods and consumer goods.

The main purpose of industrial product logistics is to ensure the timely, reliable and efficient delivery of these products. This is critical to meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers, improve competitiveness and reduce costs. This process involves the management of a complex supply chain, and therefore effective coordination of logistical processes is of great importance.

Moreover, industrial product logistics is a constantly developing field with a focus on factors such as sustainability, technology utilization and customer satisfaction in order to gain a competitive advantage in global Sundays. In this context, innovations in logistics management, the use of modern tools such as data analysis and automation play an important role.

Speed and EfficiencyWe manage logistics processes quickly and efficiently.
Customized SolutionsWe offer customized solutions tailored to customer needs.
Reliable DeliveryWe ensure timely and reliable delivery of cargo.
Support and CommunicationWe provide fast and solution-oriented support with 24/7 customer support.

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As Lex Logistics, we offer all the services needed for the transportation and distribution of industrial products under one roof.

  • Transportation:We deliver your industrial products safely to all parts of the world by using different modes of transportation such as sea, air, road and railway.
  • Storage:Lex Logistics, which has storage areas of different sizes and specifications, allows you to store your industrial products safely and efficiently.
  • Distribution: We have an extensive distribution network to ensure that your products reach the place where they are needed on time and reliably.
  • Customs Clearance:We support you with our experienced team in customs clearance operations, which have an important place in international trade.

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Prominent Sectors in Industrial Product Logistics



Electrical and ElectronicsWe use special packaging and shipping methods for the safe transportation of sensitive devices and components. Air transportation is often preferred to adapt to the rapid changes in this sector.
EnergyWe offer special transport solutions for large-scale equipment and energy projects. Sea transportation is a type of transportation used for the safe and cost-effective transportation of heavy loads.
FoodRoad transport and cold chain logistics stand out for the fast and safe transportation of fresh and retail products.
Paper and PackagingWe offer solutions such as road transport and container transport for the transport of light but bulky goods.
Machinery and ManufacturingRoad and sea transportation are used for the transportation of large and heavy machinery. Special packaging is important to ensure the safety of products.
Oil and Fuel OilSpecial safety measures are taken for the transportation of dangerous materials. Sea transportation is widely used for transporting large quantities of oil and fuel oil.
Agriculture and Animal HusbandryRoad transport is common in the transportation of agricultural and livestock products. Fast deliveries ensure that fresh products reach the market quickly.
Technology and Technological ProductAir transportation is preferred for the safe transportation of electronic products and devices. Our storage facilities are specially designed to protect sensitive technological products.
Heavy and Defense IndustryTransportation of critical materials is ensured with special security requirements and sensitive logistics planning.
Medicine and ChemistryThere is a need for sensitive and suitable transport for certain conditions. It is frequently used for air transportation, fast delivery and controlled storage.
Automotive and Spare PartsIt is common for cars and spare parts to be transported by road transport and container transport. Fast deliveries allow to maintain production processes effectively.
HealthThe transportation of medical supplies and medicines by air requires fast delivery and special storage conditions.
Textile and RetailIt is common to transport clothing and retail products by road transport and air.
ConstructionIt is common to transport large-scale materials and equipment by road transport. Fast and safe deliveries ensure that construction projects are completed on time.