Marble transportation refers to the process of transporting marble, which is a natural stone, from the place where it is extracted to the places where it will be processed and used. Marble is a valuable material used in many sectors such as construction, architecture, interior design and sculpture. The transportation process aims to ensure that the marble is delivered to the target point without breaking, scratching or other damage.

Our company provides various transportation services such as project transportation, container transportation, road transportation, rail transportation, air transportation and sea transportation.

Marble transportation is one of the areas in which our company specializes. Our company has extensive experience in block marble, cased marble and bundle marble transportation. With the solutions we offer in marble transportation, we guarantee safety and excellence at every step.

Speed and EfficiencyWe manage logistics processes quickly and efficiently.
Customized SolutionsWe offer customized solutions tailored to customer needs.
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Block Marble Transportation

It is a critical logistics process that involves transporting natural stone from the mine January where it is extracted to the places where it will be used for processing. This process requires the safe, effective and undamaged transportation of large and heavy blocks.

Placement of Processed Marble in Crates

Durability and Protection Properties of the Cases

Safe Means of Transport

Special Packaging and Protection

Transport Planning and Routes

Project Management and Monitoring

Cased Marble Transportation

It refers to the process of safely transporting processed and ready-made marble slabs by placing them in special crates. This method of transportation ensures that the marble is protected against possible risks such as cracking, breaking or scratching.

Removal of Block Marble

Security and Transport Planning

Special Means of Transport

Packaging and Protection

Logistics Planning

Project Management and Monitoring


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Bundle Marble Transportation

Bundle marble transportation refers to the process of packing and transporting processed marble slabs in a certain order. This method of transportation includes packaging and transportation methods specially designed to prevent the marble from being scratched, broken or other damage during transportation.

In our operations for transporting marble stones from quarries to ports, we carry out operational arrangements meticulously to ensure the timing in January in a way that is appropriate for the ports. In addition, we provide support to your companies during filling, ensuring that the process proceeds smoothly. We know the rules about the stability of ships well and are taking the necessary measures in this direction.

We carry out our sea freight agreements carefully for our high volume business and thus we are able to offer competitive prices to our valued customers. We manage the paperwork processes meticulously in order to ensure full compliance with the customs rules of the countries where we carry out our shipments. While supporting you in all these processes, we guide your business with confidence with our professional service.


As Lex Logistics, we offer a reliable service at every stage with our many years of experience in marble transportation and our expert team.